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Beverage holder "Rocket" for children drinking cup drinking glass

Beverage holder "Rocket" for children drinking cup drinking glass

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- Shape of a rocket in different colors
- not suitable for the dishwasher!
- for drinking cups and drinking glasses up to a maximum diameter of 7 cm
- There are recesses on the underside in which rubber knobs can be glued. This means that the cup holder no longer slips so much when you hit it, but there is a greater risk of it spilling over. Try it out and find the best solution for you.

- Due to the manufacturing process in the 3D printing process, slight bumps are possible, these are not a quality restriction and therefore no reason for a complaint or return.
- The drinking cups shown in the pictures are not part of the sales offer.
- As a small business within the meaning of Section 19, Paragraph 1 of the UStG, no sales tax will be charged

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