The colorful drink holder

The Spill is an innovative cup holder designed specifically for children's drinking cups to solve a common problem: knocked over cups and spilled drinks! This clever children's drinking cup holder is the ideal solution to prevent accidents and reduce mealtime chaos.

Sustainable Material: The spill is made from high-quality PLA (polylactic acid), an eco-friendly bioplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. Using PLA helps to reduce the ecological footprint and create a better future for our children.

SAFE AND RELIABLE: The slosh has been designed with the utmost care to ensure the safety of your children. The material is non-toxic, BPA-free and very durable, so you can rest assured that your little ones can enjoy their drinks with confidence.

Encourage independence: With the spill, children can more easily pour drinks from bottles into their drinking vessel on their own. The innovative holder ensures that the drinking vessel is held stable while the drink flows safely into the children's drinking cup. So your kids can develop their skills and be proud of pouring their own drinks.

FITS VARIOUS DRINK VESSELS: Thanks to its clever design, the slosh fits most standard children's drinking cups and prevents them from being knocked over or spilled. Whether at home or during outdoor activities - the spillage keeps the drinking cup securely in place.

EASY TO CLEAN: The spillover is easy to disassemble and reassemble, making cleaning a breeze. It can be easily cleaned by hand, so it is always clean and ready for use.

COLORFUL DESIGNS: The spill comes in a variety of vibrant colors and kid-friendly designs. Your little ones will love picking their favorite color and making the slosh their constant companion.

Made in Germany by a family business: You are not buying cheap plastic goods from China

The Überschwapp is the ideal companion for families with young children and a great gift idea for parents or parents-to-be. Add relaxation at mealtimes and on-the-go by using the slosh - the ultimate kids' drinking cup holder made from eco-friendly PLA. Buy a colorful spill now and knocked over drinking cups are a thing of the past!

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