Overflow - The clever cup holder for kids that prevents accidents

Do you know that too? You are sitting with your children at the dining table or out and about in a café and suddenly it happens: A small, careless push and your child's drinking cup tips over. The drink spills over the table, creating a large puddle, and you must react quickly to clean up the mess. Such situations are part of everyday life for many parents, but they can be avoided!

The challenge: children and their overturned drinking cups

Young children often have trouble keeping their drinking cups stable, especially when they are excited or moving. That can lead to accidental falls and lead to spilled drinks - a scenario that can be frustrating both at home and on the go. Mopping up the puddle takes time and energy and can spoil the relaxed atmosphere of a meal or outing.

The solution: Spill - The intelligent cup holder for children

Fortunately, there is now a solution that will make life easier for you and your children: the spill! This innovative cup holder is specially designed to prevent accidental knocking over of drinking cups and reduce the mishaps associated with them.

Advantages of the slosh cup holder:

1. Clever Design: The spillover is made of high quality and eco-friendly PLA (polylactic acid) and comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Your kids can choose their favorite and they will love it!

2. Stable and Secure: The slosh keeps the kids drinking cup securely in place, preventing accidental knocks. So you can eat relaxed or be on the go without having to worry.

3. Easy to use: Thanks to the special shape, the drinking vessels fit easily into the holder and can be removed for drinking.

4. Encourages independence: With the spill, children can learn to pour their own drinks from bottles. This strengthens their self-confidence and their motor skills. The cup stays securely in the holder.

5. Easy to clean: The spill can be easily cleaned under running water, so that it is always hygienic and ready for use (due to the material, it is not suitable for the dishwasher).

Conclusion: With overflow, knocking over drinking cups is a thing of the past!

The Überschwapp is the ideal solution for all parents who want a stress-free and relaxed time with their children - whether at home, on the road or on special occasions. Avoid spilling drinks and the hassle of wiping up puddles with this clever cup holder. Give yourself and your children more time for the beautiful moments in life and discover the variety of colors and shapes of the Überschwapp!

Slosh - The smart cup holder for kids that prevents accidents and makes life easier!

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